Chapters of Phi Sigma Nu

Chapters of Phi Sigma Nu

Phi Sigma Nu Fraternity has eleven undergraduate chapters (seven active, two provisional and two inactive) and two professional chapter (one active and one provisional) – with almost 400 brothers representing more than 55 tribal nations.


Alpha Chapter – University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Established February 13, 1996
Chartered February 3, 1997

Beta Chapter – North Carolina State University
Chartered April 18, 2001

Gamma Chapter – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chartered October 31, 2003

Delta Chapter – Oklahoma State University
Chartered April 2, 2006

Epsilon Chapter – Northeastern State University
Chartered April 22, 2006

Zeta Chapter – Arizona State University
Chartered November 1, 2007

Eta Chapter – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Provisional (inactive)

Theta Chapter – New Mexico State University
Provisional (inactive)

Iota Chapter – Haskell Indian Nations University
Chartered April 1, 2014

Kappa Chapter – Dartmouth College

Lambda Chapter – Southeastern Oklahoma State University

St. Gregory’s University


Nu Alpha Chapter – State of North Carolina
Chartered December 15, 2007

Nu Beta Chapter – State of Kansas

Nu Gamma Chapter – State of Oklahoma